Monday, September 7, 2009


When I ask myself, "Who is God?" the first response that comes to mind is "I AM". That's what He told Moses when he asked "Who shall I say has sent me?"
Put yourself in Moses he finds himself talking to a bush...a burning bush that doesn't burn! And then the reality hits him that he's talking to Jehovah God Himself.
On top of that, he's instructed to go to the ruler of this huge nation and just tell him, "I'm taking these people out of here. You have abused them long enough, and we are going to leave." (Paraphrasing Exodus 3 just a little).
Moses is probably thinking..."Wait a minute! Who am I? This guy's not gonna listen to me! I'm just a poor sheep farmer out here in the wilderness. Hey God...who should I say sent me? By whose authority can I tell him I'm coming to do this thing? I gotta have a name behind me!"
God says, "Tell him I AM ..."
Moses..."I am who?"
God..."I AM"
Moses..."Ummm, is that it? I fill in the blank?"
God..."Tell him I AM has sent you!"
Now Moses didn't have Webster's dictionary, but I do. And the definition for "am" is "BE". That's it...just "be". And the definition of "be" is to have existence, reality and actuality; to occupy, remain, to take place. One of my favorite parts of the definition says "to remain undisturbed or uninterrupted". You can't disturb or interrupt the existence of God.
God's existence transcends time and space. There is no "birthday" for God, no life expectancy. We can't measure how tall He is...or the span of his arm length. He just "is". There's no heighth or depth or length or breadth to His love for us.
So God says, "My name is 'I AM'. I have existence, reality and actuality. I occupy, remain without interruption". I don't know about you....but that's too big for me to wrap my mind around. I can't really grasp the "big picture" all of God is as a whole. The hugeness of Him is too much for me. So, I'm gonna break this journey down into smaller bite-size pieces that I can look at one at a time.
Wanna come?

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