My Photos

Thought I would share a few photos of the family with you. I have a wonderful husband, Mark that I have been married to for almost 28 years. Five great children, four boys and one girl; and two beautiful daughters-in-law; and an amazing little granddaughter. So, here's just a couple pictures to introduce you to the fam...

Mark and I were married
May 28, 1983
(We were pretty cute, huh?)
July 4, 2010 waiting for fireworks.
It was COLD!!! Coats and 3 blankets!!!

"All My Children"
Christmas, 2009

My 3 "big" boys

The "little kids"
No matter how old they get, 

they'll always be my "little ones"

Matthew and his wife, Alex
Matthew, my oldest

Matthew and Alex wedding
October 25, 2008 #2 son

Ryan and his wife, Sharaya

Ryan and Sharaya's wedding
July 24, 2008

my college boy

My baby girl...

Rebecca Leigh

Me and my baby girl. 

My baby.... Mackenzie

                              Mackenzie BaconstripsChiklet Ehlert

My granddaughter,
Allison Lucy Ehlert

Only the four of us at home now.


Christmas, 2011