Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Need a Little Christmas....

One of my favorite Christmas songs is actually not even a Christmas song. It comes from the movie "Mame". The family has been through financial devastation due to the Wall Street crash of 1929 and need a bit of cheering up. Auntie Mame, played by Lucille Ball, begins to sing We Need a Little Christmas. It's just one of those songs that perk you up when the things of life begin to weigh you down. 

We need a little music,
Need a little laughter,
Need a little singing
Ringing through the rafter,
And we need a little snappy
"Happy ever after,"
Need a little Christmas now.

 I love Christmas music, the lights, the festive trees, the fun television shows like Charlie Brown, and Frosty, and Rudolph. Even the sappy Hallmark movies; I could sit and watch them for hours! But this year, I just couldn't seem to get interested in any of it. Finances are tight for everyone, cars need repairs, etc, etc, etc... The last few weeks have been difficult for me, losing my sister just before Thanksgiving. I kind of lost the excitement and joy of Christmas.

Then came Friday, December 14, 2012. That horrible, unimaginable day when a young man walked into an elementary school and killed twenty children and six adults. The pain those parents and families are feeling is unfathomable! I looked at my Christmas tree which has no presents under it, and thought about those parents who have presents for their little ones under the tree . . . presents that will never be opened. It absolutely broke my heart - I imagine it broke the world's heart.

The next morning, Saturday, our choir and orchestra had a rehearsal for our Christmas service on Sunday. Before we began to rehearse, we had a prayer time for those families and the people who responded to the scene. Geron and Becky Davis were our guests this Christmas and during our prayer time, Geron, as he so often does, wrote a song on the spot. He reminded us that Christmas is not a holiday, it's a birthday: the birthday of Jesus. I cannot remember all of the words right now, but it spoke of Him taking away our hurt and pain; that in all that we face here in our life on earth... 

we need Jesus, 
we need Christmas.

As I thought about that phrase, and that Christmas wasn't just a holiday, I realized it also wasn't just the day Jesus was born! 

It's the day peace was born
It's the day joy was born
It's the day hope was born
It's the day love was born
It's the day life was born

So, no matter what our checkbook says, 
No matter what the doctor may have told us; 
If there are no presents under the tree 
Or if the packages are piled high; 
Whether it's December or April, 
In the words of Geron Davis...

We need Jesus . . . 
We need Christmas!

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, 
because He will save His people from their sin.
Matthew 1:21 (NIV)

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