Saturday, March 16, 2013

Water Buffalo vs. Lions. . .

"Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion
looking for someone to devour."
1 Peter 5:8

Someone sent my husband, Mark a video today that was shot at Kruger National Park in South Africa. In the beginning it is focused on two water buffalo and a young calf walking across the plain heading for the river bank. Slowly, the camera pans to the right and we see a pride of lions lurking in the grass. As the camera moves between the two scenes, there is a moment when the watcher realizes the cats have seen their prey. They begin to hunker down and prepare to pounce. As the three buffalo approach, the cats go on the attack; naturally, it's the young calf that gets their attention. The three cats attack him and push him into the water.

They sink their teeth into his flesh and grip him with their sharp claws, holding him down until the two other cats arrive. Slowly, they begin to pull him from the water onto the bank. So intensely focused are they on their task that they are unaware another enemy has approached. Suddenly from the water a crocodile swoops up the bank and clasps the hind quarter of the buffalo with his mighty jaws. Now the struggle really begins, with the cats on the front and the croc on the back and this poor buffalo being pulled in two directions. Finally, the cats get their prey away from the crocodile and pull him completely onto the bank.

The camera pans back again and in the distance is an army… the two water buffalo that had run away have returned with a hundred more! They boldly approach the cats and surround them. One buffalo charges right and chases a cat away, as the others continue to hold onto the young calf. Another buffalo goes to the left and flips a cat up into the air with his horns. As that one races off another ones follows. Now there are only two cats still clinging to the calf.

The buffalo continue to approach, closing the gap between the herd and the cats. Now, with only the two cats still gripping his flesh, and their attention being divided between his death and their own survival, the calf manages to slip from their grasp and disappear into the herd. They surround him, protecting him all the while still advancing on the enemy. Finally, the remaining cats give up and race away with a brave buffalo chasing them.
What an amazing sight! As I watched, it brought tears to my eyes as I realized that is exactly what we as the Body of Christ are supposed to do.

Our enemy is lurking in the tall grasses just waiting for us  to walk by, unaware of his schemes. When he attacks, we sometimes feel as though we are fighting this battle alone. And many times we are hit from the front and from behind, just as this poor water buffalo was attacked by the cats and then the crocodile, pulling us in two directions at once.

But, we have an army! We ARE an army! Just as those two buffalo left and came back with a hundred more, when we see one of our own being attacked by the enemy, we need to call in the troops and go on the offensive ourselves.

Leviticus 26:8 says,
“Five of you shall chase a hundred,
and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight

Who do you know that is battling the enemy? This is the time to do battle with them; pray for them, encourage them, defend them. And when the enemy releases them from his grasp, surround and envelope them in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This is where the healing begins…. (sounds like a song!).


(Watch the video here...

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