Monday, January 7, 2013

You Are Not Forgotten...

"I will not forget you.
See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands..."
Isaiah 49:15b, 16

My sweet,  young friend, Stephanie, led us in worship at church yesterday. She has a passionate heart for the Lord and loves to worship. At one point, she stopped and told us about a book she had just read. Expecting her first child, she had a baby shower the day before and one of her gifts was Max Lucado's book, God Thinks You're Wonderful. In this little book, is the reminder that

God loves you. 
God knows you. 
God has your name written on the palm of His hand.

It is so easy in this great big world to feel we are lost or forgotten. Other people are facing issues that we sometimes think take all of God's time and attention.

Aunt Susie is going through a divorce...
Mrs. Thompson is facing cancer...
A co-worker's daughter has committed suicide...
A neighbor is facing foreclosure/eviction...
A company is closing it's doors and many will lose their jobs...

With all billions of people in the world, each facing crises of their own, it can make our own problems seem small and insignificant - at least in the eyes of an all-mighty God.

But Stephanie reminded us that He has not forgotten you. In fact, He cannot forget you; your name is engraved on His hand. Not written so that it can be erased or washed off, but engraved!

After our time of worship, we went into communion. One of our young men, Evan Coleman, led us in communion with his father, Pastor Bill. Evan spoke of taking communion as a young boy and focusing on the remembrance aspect, remembering Jesus' sacrifice all those years ago. But it is also a remembrance of each and every day. A reminder that we can bring to His table all those things we carry around with us. And we can leave them there...

His table is huge and there is room for each one of us to come and eat, and bring our burdens and leave them on the table. It is a time to remember ... but also a time to surrender.

Come to the table of mercy
Prepared with the wine and the bread.
All who are hungry and thirsty
Come and your soul will be fed.
Come at the Lords invitation
Receive from His nail-scarred hand.
(Claire Coniger)
1991 Integrity's Hosanna! Music (Admin. by Crossroad Distributors Pty. Ltd.) 
Word Music, LLC (Admin. by CopyCare Pacific Pty.Ltd.)

Come to His table...
Remember His Love
Remember His Mercy
Remember His Provision
Remember His Healing
Remember His Kindness
Remember His Goodness...

Remember that He remembers you!

"I will not forget you!"
Isaiah 49:15b

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