Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Filled With the Mention of Your Name

"The nations will fear the name of the LORD".
Psalm 102:15

There was a time when the people of God had such reverence of Him, such fear of Him, that they wouldn't even speak His name. They wrote His name without vowels so it was unpronounceable. 
His Name was holy 
His Name was awesome 
His Name was to be feared
Last night at prayer meeting we sang Revelation Song. In the last verse there is a line....
Filled with wonder 
Awestruck wonder
At the mention of Your name...
And I couldn't help but wonder...when did we lose the wonder? When did we become so cavalier in our thinking, in our our worship? We know longer recognize the awesomeness of His name alone.
Jesus, Your name is power...
Breath...and living water
Such a marvelous mystery
Each of us face battles... 
His Name is the power we need to be victorious
Each of us face days that leave us weak and lifeless... 
His Name is the breath of life to us

Each of us walk through dry and barren deserts... 
His Name is living water to refresh, restore and cleanse us.

Maybe if we regained that wonder... that awestruck wonder, we would see more victories; have more breakthroughs; experience more miracles! 

And He shall be called...
Advocate; Lamb of God; The Resurrection & the Life; Shepherd; Bishop of Souls; Judge; Lord of Lords; Man of Sorrows; Head of the Church; Master; Faithful & True; True Witness; Rock; High Priest; The Door; Living Water; Bread of Life; Rose of Sharon; Alpha & Omega; True Vine; Messiah; Teacher; Holy One; Mediator; The Beloved; Branch; Carpenter; Good Shepherd; Light of the World; Image of the Invisible God; The Word; Chief Cornerstone; Savior; Servant; Author & Finisher of Our Faith; The Almighty; Everlasting Father; Shiloh; Lion of the Tribe of Judah; I AM; King of Kings; Prince of Peace; Bridegroom; Only Begotten Son; Wonderful Counselor; Immanuel; Son of Man; Dayspring; The Amen; King of the Jews; Prophet; Redeemer; Anchor; Bright Morning Star; The Way, the Truth & the Life
Jesus Christ

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