Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Broken Vessel

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."
2 Corinthians 4:7 

My journey this past week has taken me down a road filled with obstacles. These are not obstacles as you would imagine. In fact, none of them were MY obstacles. But,  we are a body...and as such, each of us have our individual purpose in the body. But we are still one. And when one of us feels pain, we all share in that pain. When one of us is in need, we all feel the need. When one of us is broken, we all need mending. My heart has been broken this week...
broken for the pain caused to the innocent
broken for the needs of families with little or no income
broken for the bodies in need of healing
I have spoken with people whose families are being torn apart through no actions of their own. I have spoken with people who are facing eviction from their home. I have spoken with families who aren't sure where the next meal is coming from. I have spoken with people whose bodies are  in need of healing.
These are obstacles in their roads... 

Today I re-connected with a dear friend.  We met when I was 10 years old and she was 9. She was the daughter of our pastor when we lived in Texas and we spent many days...and nights together. And if we weren't physically together, we were on the phone. Many were the nights we would sit on the phone and say, "you hang up first...no you hang up first." for an hour!!  And after growing up together, we got married and went our separate ways. Over the years I have often....often thought of her. I have tried to find her several times, to no avail. 
Today...she found me. 
We had a long chat online, trying to catch up through almost 30 years. During the course of our conversation, I found out she has been battling breast cancer for a couple years. 
An obstacle on her journey 

She has an amazing website called My Own Road Home which tells the story of her journey and it's filled with joy and laughter and songs of Praise to her Deliverer. And yes, He is delivering her. On her website is a list of songs that have carried her through. I found one I had not heard before and it spoke to me. Music does that...it speaks to me.
It's called A Broken Vessel and it reminded me...that's what we are. Each of us has been broken in some way. Sometimes we are broken by others who have cast us aside without thought or concern. Sometimes we are broken just by the cares and difficulties of life. Sometimes we are broken because we have foolishly thought to go our own way. Sometimes, the Potter breaks us...so He can make us in His image. 
But, we are broken...in need of Him

The obstacles of life can trip us up on our journey and cause us to break. We are just jars of clay...but it's what we do when we are broken that matters. Sunday at church, as we were worshiping, I found my heart crying out to the Lord, "We are desperate for You!" You see in all of this journey each of us are on, there is only One who can guide us. One who can deliver us. One who can save us. One who can heal us. One who can put the broken pieces back together....better than before.
Lord, I’ve come to You
With everything I am
Take me in Your hands
And mold me into Your plan
I’m a broken vessel in need of You  
So, though my journey has brought me down a road filled with obstacles, I know the One who can guide me through them. And if the obstacles have caused you to fall and become broken, pick up the pieces, and take them to the Potter. For though we are jars of clay, our purpose is to be filled with treasure...His treasure. And He will put you back together, molded just right, to hold the treasure He has for you.


Lori said...

Lena, your blog touches my heart with its vulnerability and honesty. You've created something of beauty and ministry. I'm so glad we've reconnected!

Lissa said...

what a totally beautiful post. We are so desperately in need to be broken before Him! He truly is our only hope!